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11 Nov 1948- 30 Jul 2020







Masked Cowboys

Our next match will be Sat 05 October.   Checkback on 19 Sep for more details.

We will be holding a practice on Wed 16 Sep on pistol bay 4 from 3-7 pm.  If you are interested in a new shooter orientation at that time contact our Territorial Governor, Colt Laredo.

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We utilize the Winter Range stage convention regarding shooter “stance”.  Stage language “at the ready” means the shooter may crouch, and be in an athletic “ready”posture before beginning the stage.  Other stance instructions will always apply (hands at low surrender, touching revolvers, etc.).  For all stages whether indicated or not, then shooter may be at the ready” (shooter does not have to stand erect with hands at their sides unlesss so indicated)

Congratulations to Lily D. Winter recipient of a SASS Scholarship Award for the 2020-2021 Academic year.  Lily will attend the University Of Wyoming this fall.


1. The match will be limited to ten person posses.

2. Advance registration required see Match Info/Forms

3. The shooter's fee is $15.  It must be brought in exact change or check

in an envelope with your name on it and given to your Posse Marshal.

4. Posse Lists will be published here and at the range.

5. Match starts at 0700 on PB3&4.  Range opens at 0600.

6. The RSSC waiver is read and acknowledged on line during preregistration.


Social Distance and Firearms safety at the range begin in the parking lot.  Wear eye protection and maintain safe muzzle direction when moving firearms from car to cart.

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