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The use of at least one 22 caliber firearm requires you to enter Red Ryder category. 


The following provides rules for the Non SASS Approved category Red Ryder at Rio Salado Cowboy Action shooting Society.

  1. The Red Ryder category, RR,  is inclusive of men and women, all ages and shooting styles.

  2. If a shooter intends to use at least one 22 firearm during the match, they must enter the RR category.

  3. Only SASS approved firearms can be used for RR.  This means single action army style revolvers and tube fed, exposed hammer lever or pump action rifles. This includes Henry lever rifles and Browning BL-22.  Any SASS approved shotgun may be used (no buckeroo category shotguns).

  4. Ammunition may not be jacketed, semi-jacketed or plated and of velocity rating below 1400 fps.  (Note: copper washed ammo is permitted.)

  5. Use of ammo from cartridge loops mounted on firearms stock is permitted.

  6. Clean shooter and category results would be listed on the scores page and not on overall scores. 

When scoring RR shooters, 22 caliber firearms fired at reactive targets need only  hit the target , not knockdown it down to be scored a a HIT.

At the Rio Salado Cowboy Shooting Society Cowboy/Cowgirl category shooters may shoot revolvers in any shooting style, including Gunfighter style. Keep in mind this is a club modification to the Cowboy/Cowgirl category and is not a SASS endorsed category change. For detailed description of the gunfighter shooting style refer to the SHB. Adjustable sight revolvers are permissible in the Cowboy/Cowgirl category regardless of the shooting style. When more than one shooting style is permitted in age based categories the shooter may change shooting style at any time.

Jose Wales 2.jpg

The following provides rules for the Non SASS Approved category Josey Wales at Rio Salado Cowboy Action shooting Society.

Josey Wales is a modified Duelist or Gunfighter category using 2 additional revolvers in lieu of the rifle.  All four revolvers must be Main Match fixed sight style revolvers.  The revolver shooting style rules that apply are either Duelist style or Gunfighter style depending upon the style chosen by the shooter.  The rules prescribed below are written with safety and smooth quick stage flow in mind.

  1.  All 4 revolvers will be loaded with no more than 5 rounds each and in accordance with stage instructions.

  2. The revolvers used in lieu of the rifle will be staged in the same manner as the rifle would be and may not be used to engage pistol targets.  At the completion of the rifle string the revolvers will be staged as the rifle would have been.

  3.  The revolvers may be carried in 4 holsters or the extra two will be carried with the muzzles up at least head high from the loading table to the rifle staging location so as not to sweep anyone.  The TO or other posse member may assist in carrying the shotgun to and from the firing line.  The additional revolvers will be similarly carried to the ULT as well as to and from a gun cart if shooter not equipped with four holsters.

  4. The revolver shooting style for Josey Wales is either duelist or gunfighter.

  5. This is not an awards category and is available at the Match Director’s discretion.  So bring your rifle as a backup.

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