Colt Laredo

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As your Rio Salado Club  President and Territorial Governor, I am here to gather comments, criticisms, needs and your proposed rule changes and communicate them to SASS Headquarters. I will also keep the Club updated on rule changes from SASS. Your RSCASS staff will continue to encourage the growth of Cowboy Action Shooting and our great Club through monthly practices and New Shooter Orientations.


As members, you also represent SASS and our Club. So please encourage your shooting friends to give Cowboy Shooting a try. All the info required to start is on our website. I encourage every club member to read the new Shooters Handbook, which was updated in January 2022. It contains past rule changes and a new format which is easier to follow.  You will find rule clarifications by the ROC at


If you have any questions on rules in the SASS Shooters Handbook, please ask me. If I don’t have the immediate answer, I can find it for you.

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President & Territorial Governor Update:

Greetings Cowboys and Cowgirls,


I hope everyone had a great time at the first End of Trial in Arizona. Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks to those who came to our March match and had a fun time as well.


With the warmer weather here, starting in May, our match start time is now 8am and long range has been put away until Nov. As most of you know, it’s starting to get really hot on match days so prepare for the day by hydrating early and often and wear cool clothing and a straw hat.


As you may have noticed on the home page, our club now allows the gunfighter shooting style in the cowboy/cowgirl categories. It can be a lot of fun switching shooting styles during a match so as to maximizing the gaming of each stage. If you try this out, please let us know how you liked the category change.


Also, we have added a new Trading Post where members can post ads to sell cowboy gear. The link to the forms is under the Membership tab. You can list items for up to 30 days.


As you know, The Rio Cowboys give out great table prizes at our Nov Annual match. This is only possible due to donations of items or gift certificates from our members and sponsors. It’s never too early to donate for our Annual match. If you would like to contribute to our table prizes, please see any of our Rio Board Members and we can collect the items to save for the match. We will put your name on your item at the match and we greatly appreciate everyone’s contribution!


There is a new Shooters Handbook out for 2022. Most of the changes are word edits and equipment modifications that have been approved. The ROC has provided a 4 page handout that highlights all the changes. It can be found Pinned at the top of the SASS Wire forum. Please read the new handout and the updated Shooters Handbook.


See you at the next match,

Be safe and shoot straight!