Colt Laredo

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As your Rio Salado Club  President and Territorial Governor, I am here to gather comments, criticisms, needs and your proposed rule changes and communicate them to SASS Headquarters. I will also keep the Club updated on rule changes from SASS. Your RSCASS staff will continue to encourage the growth of Cowboy Action Shooting and our great Club through monthly practices and New Shooter Orientations.


As members, you also represent SASS and our Club. So please encourage your shooting friends to give Cowboy Shooting a try. All the info required to start is on our website. I encourage every club member to read the new Shooters Handbook, which was updated in January 2020. It contains past rule changes and a new format which is easier to follow.  You will find rule clarifications by the ROC at


If you have any questions on rules in the SASS Shooters Handbook, please ask me. If I don’t have the immediate answer, I can find it for you.

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President & Territorial Governor Update:

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls.

We will continue to use our very successful on-line registration process. The Rio Salado Range now requires all shooting divisions to use credit cards and not cash so this registration process will be permanent going forward. If you can’t use a credit card please contact Claudia Feather for another payment option. Please sign up for the match by the Thursday before the match if you can. This will help us to set up posses and make match day go very smoothly. Look for match registration on our home web page, The Rio Epitaph, 2 weeks before match day.


A big thanks to Claudia and Cpl. Quayne for setting up our online registration. This was a huge change for our Club and they have made the process and website info go very smoothly.


Please join us for on Sat. October 2 for our Bordertown warmup match. Targets will be big and close so you can tune up for the Arizona Championship.


Speaking of upcoming matches: Look for the application soon for Nov annual match.

And since our Jan 2022 match day falls on New Year’s Day and the range is closed, The Rio Cowboys will have a special match on Friday, New Year’s Eve starting at 8am. Come celebrate the end of 2021 with us!


Being a TO can be a tough job and at Rio we greatly appreciate all those who step forward to pick up the timer and assist shooters through each stage. When a person is the TO, they are also the Range Officer in charge of the stage. And please remember: The Timer Operator’s job is “to safely assist the shooter through the course of fire”.

To do this affectively, here are just a few things to consider:

  1. Watch the gun! This places you in a better position to recognize a squib, gun malfunction or to warn the shooter if they are close to breaking the 170. And you can anticipate the shooter’s next move. Do not count misses. We have 3 spotters for that job.

  2. Count the shots out of each gun. This helps you assist the shooter in case they lose count of how many shots they have fired.

  3. Be firm and fair in your Safety & Procedure calls. Never hesitate to call a penalty if the shooter has earned one. Safety is always the first rule.

  4. Don’t engage the shooter with unnecessary conversation. Answer questions about the stage but let them mentally prepare for the course of fire.

  5. Your attitude as a TO is very important. The best Range Officers have the best attitude. You can do your job and have fun doing it. Shooters will see that and have fun also.


There is much more information on being a TO in the RO1 & RO2 Course Student Handbooks.

Please read them.


See you at the next match,

Be safe and shoot straight!