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As your Rio Salado Club  President and Territorial Governor, I am here to gather comments, criticisms, needs and your proposed rule changes and communicate them to SASS Headquarters. I will also keep the Club updated on rule changes from SASS. Your RSCASS staff will continue to encourage the growth of Cowboy Action Shooting and our great Club through monthly practices and New Shooter Orientations.


As members, you also represent SASS and our Club. So please encourage your shooting friends to give Cowboy Shooting a try. All the info required to start is on our website. I encourage every club member to read the new Shooters Handbook, which was updated in January 2022. It contains past rule changes and a new format which is easier to follow.  You will find rule clarifications by the ROC at


If you have any questions on rules in the SASS Shooters Handbook, please ask me. If I don’t have the immediate answer, I can find it for you.

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Colt Laredo

You can contact Colt at:

President & Territorial Governor Update Dec 2023:

Greetings Cowboys and Cowgirls,

 Another year of great shooting matches has come to an end. Thanks to all our Board Members and volunteers throughout the year for everything you do to help our Club.


SASS has 3 Shooters Handbook items for our members to vote on.  I’ll be casting our votes for these changes shortly after our Jan match so I will be asking for a vote at the shooters meeting in Jan.  Here are the rule changes: 

ITEM #1. Remove the SDQ penalty for initially staging a long gun with the hammer cocked/action closed with no live round in the chamber. (No SDQ for taking hand off gun if shown to be clear)

(verification for rifles- same as for movement from the LT...for shotguns, simply open the action to verify.)


ITEM #2. Add shotguns to the current exception for changing location from the loading table to the stage: (if shotgun closes on the way to stage, simply open it while staging to show clear)

Changing location with a long gun with the action closed and the hammer cocked (exception for rifle long guns from the loading table to the stage with no round chambered).


ITEM #3. Remove the subjective verbiage regarding "blocks" from the lever wrap allowance:

Levers may be wrapped or padded with leather or faux leather or other natural material.

- Filler “blocks” or other such mechanisms designed to prevent all or drastically limit movement of

the fingers within the lever loop are not allowed. (add blocks if you like now)

("leather" includes suede..."faux leather" would include anything that looks like leather.)


It’s not too early to be thinking about our next annual match. We love to give out special prizes to our shooters at the Annual Match. These gifts are all donated by cowboys and cowgirls just for this event. But we won’t have any prizes without your help. If you have anything, big or small, you would like to donate for this event, we would be very grateful. Please find our prize collector, Hoopsnake LaVache, at our next match or send us an email. And we thank you!


Volunteering is the only way we can run our matches and special events like practice and long range. If anyone is interested in helping out your Club in any way, please let us know via email or see us out on the range. We welcome any and all help. And for all those that help setup and breakdown matches, Thank You again for your support.


Have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!


See you at the next match,

Be safe and shoot straight!

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