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As your Rio Salado Club  President and Territorial Governor, I am here to gather comments, criticisms, needs and your proposed rule changes and communicate them to SASS Headquarters. I will also keep the Club updated on rule changes from SASS. Your RSCASS staff will continue to encourage the growth of Cowboy Action Shooting and our great Club through monthly practices and New Shooter Orientations.


As members, you also represent SASS and our Club. So please encourage your shooting friends to give Cowboy Shooting a try. All the info required to start is on our website. I encourage every club member to read the new Shooters Handbook, which was updated in January 2020. It contains past rule changes and a new format which is easier to follow.  You will find rule clarifications by the ROC at


If you have any questions on rules in the SASS Shooters Handbook, please ask me. If I don’t have the immediate answer, I can find it for you.

President & Territorial Governor Update:

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls.


The Rio Cowboys would like to give a big thank you to AJ Bob for his 10 plus years service and dedication as our club President. Bob, you have earned your retirement and our appreciation. And I hope you keep shooting for many more years to come.

I want to thank the Rio Cowboys Board for their confidence in me going forward as your new President. I can only hope to do as well a job as Bob did.

I welcome any and all comments and ideas you as shooters might have on the future of our Club. It is through you that we continue to grow the club and to make our matches as fun and enjoyable as possible.


Congratulations to Skinny McKinney as our new Assistant Range Director. Skinny and Charley will be putting together some really fun matches in the future. Skinny also runs our long range matches so tell him thanks for all he does next time you see him.


Speaking of fun matches, the “not our annual” November match was a big success. Our posses were full and we shot the special skill stages which everyone has enjoys shooting in the past. Congratulations to our overall Ladies Champion: Sassy Dancer, and our overall Men’s Champion and Match Champion: Reverend Leadslinga! Let’s hope next year we can bring back the BBQ!


As your Territorial Governor, I would like everyone to be aware of an RO2 class coming up. Shamrock Sadie is conducting the class at Cowtown on Jan. 10, 2021 from 8:30-2:30. This is a great way to expand on your RO1 knowledge as well as learning about being a Timer Operator.

Please click on the link to get more info:


See you all at the next match,

Be safe and shoot straight!


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