Colt Laredo

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As your Rio Salado Club  President and Territorial Governor, I am here to gather comments, criticisms, needs and your proposed rule changes and communicate them to SASS Headquarters. I will also keep the Club updated on rule changes from SASS. Your RSCASS staff will continue to encourage the growth of Cowboy Action Shooting and our great Club through monthly practices and New Shooter Orientations.


As members, you also represent SASS and our Club. So please encourage your shooting friends to give Cowboy Shooting a try. All the info required to start is on our website. I encourage every club member to read the new Shooters Handbook, which was updated in January 2020. It contains past rule changes and a new format which is easier to follow.  You will find rule clarifications by the ROC at


If you have any questions on rules in the SASS Shooters Handbook, please ask me. If I don’t have the immediate answer, I can find it for you.

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President & Territorial Governor Update:

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls.

We had a lot of fun up in Utah last month at the Four Corners Regional. If you ever get a chance to go, it a great match and a beautiful area to visit. A special congratulations to our very own Regional Champions this year: Claudia Feather, Etta Mae, Sassy Dancer and Shamrock Sadie. Awesome job!


I got a chance to shoot the new John Wayne category at our last monthly match, so here are my observations: It was certainly an ammo savings and creates a different type of match if you mix it up. You can shoot 2 handed and duelist on different stages and use your back-up guns for a change (they get lonely in the safe). It was fun to try different transitions and to mix up the stages between my 97 and double shotgun. It would be great if several shooters on the same posse competed against each other in a match.


If you need a little practice, we are still holding them every month. Check the homepage for updates, especially the day before in case there is a last minute change. But we would like to see you out there if possible so you can work on your transitions. The stages can be taylor-made just for you so you can try different things. And if you know anybody interested in learning about our sport, bring them out for a new shooter orientation. Send me an email so we can know they are coming.


At the Four Corners Regional we had a TG meeting and discussed a few subjects. One involves the new rule about bringing a cocked rifle from the loading table. I just would like to remind all the TOs to please look at every rifle before the shooter takes their hands off it while staging. It is still a SDQ if they stage a rifle with the hammer back. But if they don’t let go of it, the hammer condition can be corrected by pointing downrange and pulling the trigger. And hopefully no round goes off! Everybody on the loading table should be looking out for the shooter next to them by checking their rifle. Let’s look out for each other.


Also, if you are expediting a long gun for a fellow shooter after they have finished their stage, be careful. Look at the rifle carrier and the lever before picking it up. If there is brass or a round in the carrier, this either a MSV or a SDQ. Let the shooter and TO handle the situation if you see anything out of the ordinary.


See you at the next match,

Be safe and shoot straight!