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 Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a cowboy and shoot the guns of the old west?

That is exactly what we do in the exciting sport of Cowboy Action Shooting in The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).


The Course is an introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting designed to get you prepared to shoot your first SASS match with us. This Orientation is not meant to be initial firearms training. It is designed for shooters that are familiar with shooting (unassisted) pistols, rifles and shotguns.


New shooters must bring eye and ear protection. Bring all the cowboy guns, leather and ammo you have and we can provide the rest for the Orientation. All the rules, allowed guns, ammo, leather, etc. required for shooting can be found by downloading the Shooters Handbook. It can be found on the SASS website:


There is a $5 charge per shooter. No cowboy clothing is required.

The Orientation will take place on the Friday afternoon before our monthly match in pistol bay 4.


Contact Colt Laredo (RSCASS Staff page) to schedule your orientation and to answer any questions you might have to get started in the fun and family friendly sport of Cowboy Action Shooting

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