"AZ Two Dogs"

11 Nov 1948- 30 Jul 2020


 Our next match will be 07 Nov 2020 starting at 0830.  Long Range will start at 0700.  It will be a COVID-19  monthly match format and not include our annual Shootout at Usery Pass dinner and social functions.  However the spirit of Shootout at Usery Pass will be alive and well in the exciting stages offered.

 Online registration/payment :                         Stages: 


Posse assignments will be posted at the range.  Be on first stage and ready to shoot by 0830.  Long Range (Take No Prisoners) has been updated to include both 2 gun and 3 gun versions.  Come try it out.

 Registration closes Thursday  05 Nov at 5 pm.


Reduced manpower available to run our matches during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to change how we do business.  Our monthly matches now require online preregistartion and  match fee payment on line by credit card .  During your registration process you will be guided to our online store where you select the appropriate match registration fee (now $15 for everyone).  There is a shopping cart and checkout process similar to other on line purchasing.  While we plan for a seamless transition to online registration/payment it is realistic to expect that you may have issues with this method.  If you do please contact Claudia Feather at claudiaingoglia@msn.com.  A refund of fees will be given to withdrawls/cancellations that notify us in advance of the match.  To withdraw from the match notify Claudia Feather by email.


 AJ Bob is retiring after serving for more than ten years as our club president.   

A replacement is required urgently.  As the Cowboy Division chairperson AJ Bob acts with the thirteen other division chairpersons on the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club Inc. Board of Directors to manage the affairs of the corporation and this range.  To remain a division of Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club Inc., with the attendant shooting privileges, we must have a division chairperson.  As it stands now, as of the first of the year we will not.   Your club needs a volunteer to step up NOW!  While a club president is the most pressing need, all of our board members are over seventy and are looking for relief.  If matches are to continue you must help.  This includes setup on Fridays.  Get involved in your club, contact a Board member to see how you can help.  


Social Distance and Firearms safety at the range begin in the parking lot.  Wear eye protection and maintain safe muzzle direction when moving firearms from car to cart.

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