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April 20 2014
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May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 13

3-7 pm pistol Bay 4
NO costume
$5 Match fee

5 stages, round count 50 rifle, 50 revolver, 30+ SG

SASS Rule Updates

This new attachment covers all changes and CLARIFICATIONS to SASS rules in the 2014 handbooks. Lot more clarifications than rule changes which were few.

More SASS Rule Changes

NEW SASS Rule on Open/Closed Long Guns

The following is essentially what was passed and is NOW in effect:

"If the action of a long gun closes after being opened and emptied (at the end of the string), it will be a NO CALL if in fact, the firearm is empty. If a spent case or live round is ejected, a penalty will apply. The shooter will be the only person allowed to handle the firearm, and the firearm should be left for the shooter to open at the end of the stage."

So this is what we have, as an example:

Shooter shoots the rifle/shotgun, then opens and empties it at the end of the string. After doing so the shooter places the long gun down, and for whatever reason, the action closes. In our view, three possibilities exist:

1. Shooter, at the end of the STAGE, the shooter returns to the long gun and opens it.
If nothing is ejected = NO CALL

2. Shooter, at the end of the STAGE, the shooter returns to the long gun and opens it.
IF an empty casing is ejected = MSV (Minor Safety)
Clarification: If shooter returns to open & clear the action of a long gun before firing the next gun on the stage = NO CALL (same as current rule...exception is #3 below): In other words nothing stops the shooter from returning before being committed to the next firearm to open the action, if they wish, as per the current rule.

3. Shooter, at the end of the STAGE, returns to the long gun and opens it.
IF a live/unfired round is ejected = Stage DQ for a long gun having left the shooters hand, with
the action closed, hammer cocked with a live round in the chamber.
In this case there is no opportunity to return to open it if called back before being committed to the
next firearm - penalty applies the moment it left the shooter's hand.

NOTE: This is the same penalty for a cocked/loaded revolver leaving the shooter's hand, and will be added to the SDQ section of the "Penalty Overview" in the RO1. (This has been an oversight until now).

One of the biggest issues that needs to be understood by ALL SHOOTERs is that if a long gun action inadvertently closes after being opened and emptied, THE SHOOTER is the ONLY PERSON who may touch the firearm.

To all CROs/TOs:

It is imperative that CROs/TOs supervise and control the situation appropriately. The CRO/TO must ensure that the long gun remains untouched until the shooter, and only the shooter, returns to open it, and also under the supervision of the CRO/TO, to determine the penalty, if any.

Monthly Match Shooting Times

We start our Summer schedule in May . Be sure to check the Match Info page for the new shooting times.

The Long Range & Side Matches are once again closed May through September. Check the schedule for our operating times and clothing requirements.

*** Rio Board Member Info***

Anyone who wishes to volunteer for board positions please contact AJ Bob.

Check out the new Asst. Range Masters added to the staff...

Posse Up

The One and Only

Cowboy Action Shooting

for your iPhone or iPod.

brought to you by chick brewster

New Shooters Orentation

Anyone, man, woman or junior that is interested in Cowboy Action Shooting should join us on Friday nights before our main monthy match (first Sat of month) for an orientation session. We will use one of the pistol bays at the Rio Salado range. This will be a shooting session, with some minor orientation training before we start and will be very informal and tailored to the skills of those attending.

It is important that you contact AJ Bob, No Horse Charle, or Clete landhawker ahead of time telling them that you are coming so they do not wait around if you can't make it..


Club Badges

We have New Badges for the Club

So order your badge today...

Be sure to ask about them at the Saturday Match.
Two sizes: 3 1/8" and 2 1/8"

Things that need to be done
  • Please be sure to get to the range and sign up at least 10 minutes before the start time of each match. This will give the volunteers taking the money and signing up the shooters time to get ready for the match.

  • It is the responsiblity of each shooter to verify each of their stage scores on the official score sheet before moving on to the next stage. With blank entries on the score sheets, you will receive a score of 999.

  • At the end of each match your posse is responsible for picking up and putting away the targets and props on your last stage. If you need the cart find it and load the steel and put it away.
  • Volunteer Posse

    We would like to once again thank all of the volunteers helping to set up targets on fridays before the matches.

    The cost to shoot the match for volunteers helping to setup will only be $3 for Rio Salado Sportsman's Club members and $5 for non-members of Rio Salado Sportsman's Club.

    This money goes directly to Rio Salado Sportsman's Club for the shooting fees they charge the Cowboy Shooting Division for each shooter in our monthly matches.

    If you have any questions you'll find these hombres somewhere on the range...

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