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Rio Salado Cowboy Action Shooting Society
 2024 Membership Application
This is a club membership application and NOT a match registration.  

Rio Cowboys have a calendar year membership, 01 Jan to 31 Dec, that must be renewed each January.  The costs $30 for an individual and $40 for a family.  A family is more than one shooter, related, living in the same household.  The cost will not be prorated  when you join during the membership year.  When applying for a Family Membership include the aliases of the family members in the Family Members box.  Family members must live in same household.  If you have questions contact Claudia Feather at


I understand I am applying for a  annual membership that will commence in January 2024 and expire on Dec 31, 2024.

After submitting the application you will be directed to our shop to make your payment.

You will get a "Thanks for your membership!" message if your submission is successful.

Thanks for your membership!


or pay later at our STORE

NOTE:  This is not a match registration, for that you must go to the Match Registration  page
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