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 Trading Post Application
This is a submission for an ad on the Rio Trading Post.  

                                                  Trading Post Guidelines

Only members of RSCASS may list items here by sending their information to Red Jack ( At a minimum, that should include a description of the item, the price asked or trade desired, seller’s name and sellers email and/or telephone. Members of RSCASS may list firearms and related items for sale at the Trading Post. By doing so, the member represents to RSCASS that all such sales will be made in strict compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. Listings are for thirty (30) days after which they will be removed. As a courtesy, it is requested that those listing here advise Red Jack as soon as the item is sold so the listing may be removed. NOTICE: RSCASS is only providing a listing service to its members. RSCASS has no knowledge of the quality or condition of any item being offered for sale, and therefore RSCASS specifically and without limitation denies any and all responsibility for the quality and condition of an item, the value of the item, or any representations whatsoever in relation to the item made by the seller.

Directions:  In the Advertisement box below type your ad.  You should include: Item Description, Price/Trade, Sellers Name, Email and/or Phone.  

Note: Pictures are not available at this time.

You will be notified by email if your add is accepted.

Thanks for submitting!

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