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Posse 19



Posse 19


Yee Haw

Membership  has returned!  See our Membership page for details AND the new match fees.  Support the Rio Cowboys and get reduced match fees.

   7 August SCORES  HERE

Our  next practice will be Wed. 18 Aug 3-7 pm on pistol bay 4.  Please preregister HERE and pay $5 at the practice.

As a result of updated COVID-19 guidelines, stage setups and posse sizes will return to the way they  were before COVID. 


                 BREAKING NEWS

For those shooters who are worried about ammo, primer and powder shortages, the Rio Cowboys would like to introduce the John Wayne Category.  Shooters will participate in the match but only use half the required ammunition. This is a temporary offering at our matches and will be available until ammo  and reloading components supplies return to normal.

For details about John Wayne and Josey Wales categories go HERE.


Our summer shooting season is here.  That  means no  Long Range side matches and we will be starting the main match earlier.   Safety briefing will be  at 7:45.  So get to the range in time to check your posse assignment and be ready for the Safety Briefing.  Awards ceremony will be held after the match.

Match setup will be on Friday at 11:45.  For more info on that contact our Range Master, Skinny McKinney.

skinny rio badge2.jpg

Skinny McKinney was awarded coveted Rio Ranger status for his dedicated service to our cowboy club.


 Our  matches now require online registration and  match fee payment on line by credit card.   There is a shopping cart and checkout process similar to other on line purchasing.   Our preferred refund is to give a credit to a future match for withdrawls &cancellations that notify us in advance.  If you have any questions contact Claudia Feather at


Volunteerism, the life blood of a cowboy shooting club.  This is evident at the match when your fellow shooters volunteer to be Posse Marshal, TO, spotters and brass pickers.  Volunteerism makes for a good match.  And when the match is over cowboys and cowgirls join in to pickup steel.  However there would not have been a match were it not for the very few that come out on Friday and volunteer to set up the steel. We need more of you as Friday volunteers.  No volunteer is more indispensable than the Friday setup crew.  For our matches to continue you must help.   While volunteering has its own intrinsic reward,  volunteers who help setup will be eligible for reduced match fees.  See our shop for the fees.



Firearms safety at the range begin in the parking lot.  Wear eye protection and maintain safe muzzle direction when moving firearms from car to cart.

Click on boot for our                      matinee!

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