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Anniversary Match Long Range Events    

Buffalo Hunt - Rifle Caliber Single Shot Rifle

1.  Shooting position will be seated using cross sticks.  Ammunition can be on your person, in hand or on the table.  (cross sticks will be available)   

2.  Start with rifle in both hands, unloaded and action open.

3.  At the beep, load and fire six shots (one at a time) at the buffalo target at 200 yards.


Side note: If the shooter does not have a single shot rifle any SASS legal rifle caliber repeating rifle can be used provided the shooter only loads and fires one round at a time.



Take No Prisoners (Three Gun)

1.  Pistol caliber rifle loaded with 10 rounds staged flat on the table.  Two pistols loaded with 5 rounds each and holstered or staged flat on the table (shooters choice).

2.  Starting position: At the ready

3.  Gun sequence will be pistol then rifle.

4.  At the beep, engage the first pistol target at approximately 25 yards with five rounds, THEN engage the second pistol target at approximately 40 yards with five rounds. The pistols may be returned to the table or holstered.  With the rifle engage the first rifle target at approximately 60 yards with 5 rounds and THEN engage the second rifle target at approximately 100 yards with 5 rounds.


For each event the winner will be the shooter with the most hits with time as the tie breaker.

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