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                             LONG RANGE PRACTICE FOR EOT 2023


We are holding a practice session on our Long Range Bay to allow you to sight in your firearms at distances and targets like you will encounter in the Long Range Side Matches this year at EOT.  In addition to calibrating your sights at known distances, you may practice the LR events on our steel targets.  This is not a competitive match, timing and score keeping are not involved.  However, timers, spotting scopes and spotters will be available to help make your practice as relevant as possible.



This will be held on Wednesday 15 February 2023 from 9 am to 1 pm.



Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club High Power Range
3960 N Usery Pass Road, in Northeast Mesa, 7 miles north of Highway 60 (Ellsworth Road Exit) . We can also be reached via SR202 from either the Power Road or McKellips Road Exits.


Single Shot Rifle/ Quigley       Lever Action Rifle          Long Range Pistol

Buffalo at 300 Yds                    2 Targets at 200 Yds       2 Targets at 60, 50 and 30 yds


                                                     Pistol Caliber Rifle                

                                                     2 Targets at 100 Yds               



Online registration and payment are required and may be made from this website.  The fee is $5 and that also entitles you to participate in our monthly cowboy practice at 3 pm following the LR event. 

POINT OF CONTACT:  PACA McMASTERS see Staff page for contact info.

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