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Wednesday 15 February 2023 Registration Form
EOT Long Range Practice 9 am-1 pm on High Power Bay
Cowboy Practice 3 pm-6pm on Pistol Bay 4
Read and agree to the terms of the waiver.  Then fill in in the boxes and SUBMIT.   Items marked with * are required to be filled in. 

First go HERE to read the RSSC waiver.  Then come back to complete registration

I am a member of Rio Cowboys
I am member of Rio Salado Sportsman's Club
I will be there at

To help us better prepare for your EOT LR practice please check the events of interestme.

LR Events I want to practice
LR Events I want to practice

The match fee of $5 covers both events.  Online payment is required and may be completed at the Store following submission of this registration. 


For questions or clarifications contact Paca McMasters.  Contact details available on Staff page. 

Preferred method to be contacted
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