Rio Rangers


1992 - 2010

"Above and Beyond"

"Here is the list of people that have received Rio Ranger Badges. I think the first one was given out either a year or two years after the RSCASS division was started. My husband C.S. Fly and I started the cowboy club in 1992. This was our 17th year. Badges were given out about every couple of years depending on what an individual did to help out our club as well as other clubs. Many of these people that have received this award were also very active in other clubs as ACSA, Winter Range and Rio or even other Rio division. Both my husband and I were on the main board of Rio Salado Sportsman's club, he was President and I was Secretary. He was also President of Winter Range and Shoot Boss also helped to promote SASS. Many people from other clubs helped build props for Rio, Winter Range and ACSA. I can go on and on about the people that received this award."

~ Claudia Feather ~

  1. C.S. FLY - Tom Ingoglia
  2. CLAUDIA FEATHER - Claudia Ingoglia
  3. BLACKJACK JACKSON - Mort Jackson
  4. TIN PAN - Paul Caudill
  5. THE FIXER - Matt McLaughlin
  6. DEAD SHORT - Vern Byers
  7. AZ RANGER - Jerry Stutler
  8. TURKEY CREEK JAKE - Bob Drizigacker
  9. SOAPY SMITH - Art Smith
  10. AZ THUMBER - Bob James
  11. JUAN VALDEZ - John Lincicome
  13. THREE FINGER JACK - Larry Clawson
  14. CHAS B. WOLFSON - Dennis McCarthy
  15. APPLE ANNIE - Char McCarthy
  16. LIGHTNING BOLT - Steven Furr
  17. SHERIFF BILL MURPHY - Rod Crandell
  18. GATESLINGER - Gregg D. Lahti
  19. GOODNESS GRACE - J.J. Russell
  20. NO HORSE CHARLIE - Chuck Russell
  21. CUTLER - Roger Campbell
  22. SUPERSTITION SLIM - Dave Kuchler
  23. MARSHAL CHICK BREWSTER - Michael Sowell
  24. GOLD CANYON KID - Mickey Michellich
  25. BULLSEYE BUCKEY - Greg Lair

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New Style badge